Reflections on The Empowering Women Podcast – Episode 3

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In episode 3, Jenny Han, Director of Design Operations at Skender, is a licensed Architect based in Chicago. Her specialties include design of healthcare facilities, among other things. Ms. Han also has a special interest in the intersection of space and community. She shares her story of being the daughter of immigrants and what it was like finding her path at the intersection of art and science.

Let’s start with her statement: “If somebody else has faith I can do something, I give it a shot… That has enabled me to do things I wouldn’t normally volunteer myself for.”


How many times have you just needed a little push? A little motivation and encouragement…  I believe that Jenny knows she can accomplish anything… so where do we start?

Many times, we start where we see the need. Sometimes, this starts with your family showing you the perfect career for your personality.  Other times, we have to find those paths ourselves.  I have a story where I wanted to be in child development, and my mother thought that I would never make money in that and I’d struggle to provide for myself.  She influenced me to change that path.  I am thankful I have my own 3 children to try to model for, but I also see that she led me on a different path.  Jenny sees her path is a bit different and goes for it.  I love the way each step in her career, or rather, each risk she took led to an understanding of her purpose – and her life career.  These are careers where you wake in the morning and know you are working on the right project. This is because you KNOW without a doubt, you are affecting people’s lives for the better.

I think we all need mentors and role models that we can look up to.  Jenny is an example of that role model.  Listen to Jenny Han‘s story here:

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