Connecting for Purpose


The quote “When you do what you Love, Everything else falls into place” has hung in my office for a number of years and I’ve often wonder… what exactly do I love about what I am doing?”  I always tell people that I love my job but there are things about it that are tiring and also not so enjoyable, so why then do I claim to “love my career and what I do?” I always come back to the same conclusion… It’s the people. It’s meeting new people, and reconnecting with friends, and getting the chance to hear their stories and experiences… It is having the chance and ability to listen and observe and then help create opportunities.  This is what I love to do.

Yes, some of these opportunities benefit my company, which is always a bonus!  but my favorite is when it is not benefiting me directly.  It’s the times when I have the opportunity to influence others or help them understand the connections that I see so clearly.   I love to meet someone and instantly have the thought “you have got to meet _____! I know they could help solve your problem or benefit from knowing you!  Thankfully, I have a great memory (Praise God), and a lot of highly skilled connections that I can put them in touch with!

So if my job is merely connecting others – Yes…I must say… I LOVE THAT and would say that is my Gift from God!

I’d like to tell you a story as an example of how I see things connecting…  Today, I saw my baby brother, Dr. Corey Neill, preach a sermon at his church. The pastor, a longtime family friend and the man that married Carter and I, was on a much needed sabbatical. He had heard Corey’s story before and thought he should be given the opportunity to share it with others. It is always great to see your brother suit up, but like most people who climb on the stage for the first time, Corey was nervous and out of his comfort zone.  I know this uncomfortable feeling well… and it can be painful.  So naturally, Corey calls his big brother Brody on stage to shares this experience 🙂, I think he was looking for some moral support. After all big brothers are invincible, don’t ya know.

But as Corey begins to tell his stories, that I have heard many times before, something happened.  God spoke to me through my baby brother – This was AWESOME! 

I had always been concerned about Corey (as big sisters do).  One thing I often think about is why he gave up his dream of Medicine.  I had heard the story about him witnessing someone die during his time as an EMT, which unfortunately turned him off from the program; This is how I remember it.  But today, I heard something different…  As he told the story and compared a lifeless body with a body filled with the Breath of Life aka God’s Breath, I saw the connection. I understood that my brother had to see death to understand life, and then have the passion and purpose to educate the world. He began to quote scriptures about the breath of life that we have heard so many times, how Jesus put his hands on his people and healed them.  The scripture he shared today said that he healed them and made them straight!

 This is neat because this is exactly what chiropractors do. They adjust you with their hands to make sure your body is in alignment.  Their hands help move things around to make sure you aren’t blocking a much needed nerve communication. He can better explain that, but I have experienced it and I highly recommend you receive an adjustment and see what you think… I was a non-believer, even after my first adjustment… Now… I take my whole family!

Having seen and read these scripture verses before, I was amazed at how we can see, or even more, how we can relate to Jesus by realizing the breath of life within us and how it can be passed to others through our hands… I have become a believer in the power of touch and words.  But the phrase “ Laying hands on” has always made me uncertain… What does that really mean?  I now have a whole new perspective and understand how praying while holding hands or lifting hands in praise, can be so much stronger when we recognize the Breath of Life. There is power in our words, in our acts, and in our hands

And he can use us all… even my baby brother, with one scared hand, can help work God’s miracles!

I believe in Connecting for Purpose… what is that purpose for you?  If you are struggling… read this article:

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