Imagine a Day without Water


When I #ImagineaDaywithoutWater, the image that comes to mind is one of a young girl carrying a yellow plastic container on their head… You can all see it, because we know it happens everyday.  All over the world there are people who don’t have access to clean water and the water they do have is miles away from their homes and contaminated. There are so many organizations that try to help these communities but until we really #ValueWater at home how can we understand these families suffering and offer real help.

As I wake up today, I have my coffee with water treated at my local municipality who has less than efficient systems.  I think… is this clean water? I know every time it rains our clean water is threatened with contamination of over flowing lift stations.  This is due to lack of funding for the projects and infrastructure needed to implement the efficient systems the staff knows they need to install.  This is a huge risk for public health and our country’s aging infrastructure is amplifying the need for investment.    So, I ask… how do we get more investment for these projects!  And then, if we placed more value on water and water systems at home would we then place more value on making sure every human had access to it?

Manufacturing Day – Why is it important?


What is Manufacturing Day?

Manufacturing Day brings together manufacturers and mixed generations of those interested in it. This one day is aimed to connect as many schools and manufacturers as possible. Manufacturing Day events can be an expo, a tour of a facility, an open house, a virtual or actual presentation or even an “industrial block party”. These events can be held for students, parents, chamber members or the community

Why Manufacturing Day is Important 

This day is intended to open students’ eyes about manufacturing and plant the seed that it can be a career for them. Although there is one day set aside for this celebration it can be any day that is convenient for everyone. There are many career fairs throughout the year with a focus on the manufacturing sector. We’ve participated in many career fairs on Manufacturing Day and all through the year. 

These types of fairs and expos allow students to explore their career goals from a broader perspective. Often be when asked what they want be when they grow up young girls respond with hair, nails, or be a pediatrician. Now they are asked to consider a career in manufacturing. We want to try to help them see past stereotypical “serving” jobs and focus on careers with benefits.

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