The X factor

Two multiracial women working together in a manufacturing plant, standing in front of steel storage tanks.  They are wearing white hardhats with safety goggles, and yellow reflective vests, looking at the screen of a digital tablet.  The African American woman is talking and gesturing.

GenX to Millennials

I was recently reading a LinkedIn blog “I’m A Gen Xer — Here’s Why You Should Stop Ignoring Me” by Jarrod Walpert.

It reminded me of a post I’ve wanted to write for a while now!

I was born Feb 2, 1981, so I am officially a millennial (Millennials are the generation born between 1981 and 2001) – but I am also so close to all you Gen Xers out there (Gen-X is 1961-1981…so you see, I’m right on the cusp). I believe what has made my company successful in bridging the gap between traditional media and new media, and Cieana also agrees as she’s also right on the edge of the Gen Xers….is that we basically understand both worlds, giving us a unique perspective!

Paperback Books vs Kindles
Newspapers vs Twitter
Scrapbooks vs Facebook Pages
Landlines vs Facetime
Snail Mail vs Instant messaging
We were there for the first PC, blackberry, and IPhone!

I laughed at Walperts article discussing Gen Xers watching Dirty Dancing and MTV.  This was me… I was BABY and practiced that lift with my sister at the Lake more times than I want to admit!  But more importantly, I watched it while pulling the mile long phone cord from the kitchen to see my favorite part while talking to a friend. I understand what it means to multitask.  We were the first to use cell “bag” car phones but also still frequently used our calling cards at the payphone. (And you think paying for unlimited data is limiting).

We were the first to use email and understand the feeling associated with the sound of a dial-up and waiting for the screen that says…  You’ve Got Mail.  I love that scene in the movie where Meg Ryan shows her excitement about receiving a message because I lived it… I think I got the first high from a ‘text message’ but it was far from an instant message.

My friends all had MySpace accounts but I can barely remember that J I always wonder if that is still live somewhere?

We were still having sleepovers and actually looking at each other when we talked at events. Times have changed; now we look at each other through taking selfies and enjoying skyping or Facetiming with friends as part of our socializing.  Today, I hear how addicted we are to our phones, which I personally think is silly.  Yes there are moments when we all have been too attached to something… a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a hobby… now its using all of that… all at once… and all the time J I totally could relate to the line “If you take away our technology you won’t scare us; you’ll just annoy us.” Where’s my phone!

This is me… I don’t understand when someone tells me not to have my phone out when there is nothing happening… Would you tell me to stop talking to a friend if they were sitting there… no – its just you don’t yet understand that my friend is now on the side of the phone, somewhere else in the world… and I can see them almost as good as if they were sitting next to me.  This is the PLEASURE of technology.  This is what I embrace and appreciate!  We can see and talk to anyone … anytime…. anywhere!

On the flip side, I understand if I am with the VIP of the evening… a text, photo, or checkin can wait. Being fully in the moment is priceless and when this happens today, you should note – you are truly enjoying that person, place, or thing!

Technology is amazing and there is power to reach others like at no other time in our history.  I feel a personal responsibility to talk with people… to share stories… to use words to encourage… to educate… to build something better together…

So back to what I started this blog with “I’m A Gen Xer — Here’s Why You Should Stop Ignoring Me”

The reality is, as the title of this blog mentions, the US is basically ignoring this amazing resource; instead it spends its time worrying about the exiting of the Baby boomers and the entry of the Millennials. The amazing fact I learned recently was that the US economy relies very heavily on Gen-Xers – which is an often-overlooked group of 81 million Americans and the largest population of the workforce … wow!

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