Let’s Invest in Tuscaloosa… Let’s Elevate Tuscaloosa

Elevate Tuscaloosa

Yesterday, I met with members of Chamber Tuscaloosa for a meeting for Small Businesses.  We discussed opportunities and challenges we face as business owners. I absolutely love these types of meetings and I am always inspired to get more involved!  These meetings allow us to understand a better way to help and grow our local community.  The majority of my customers are outside the state.  However the more I talk with local businesses, the more I realized there are many opportunities right here!

In this meeting, I also learned that there is a pretty strong proposal pending approval that will help develop and grow business opportunities in Tuscaloosa.  Spend the time and watch the video on ElevateTuscaloosa.com

We discussed a couple topics of this proposal that peaked my interest!  These topics were the Conference Center and Airport Improvements!  I travel monthly to airports to visit conference centers around the world, and it would be great to bring some of these event to T-town.  I’d bring my own company event here if there was proper transportation options for my clients.

This proposal also discusses Workforce Development, Transportation, and Tourism.  I believe it is worth taking a closer look.  Our workforce needs skilled workers across the nation, and we have the ability to prepare & educate our community to provide these jobs!

Let’s invest in Tuscaloosa!

The Gift of You

Charli K. Matthews

As a lot of you know, February 2nd, was my birthday.  One of the childhood lessons I learned, and one that I truly believe in, is that it is always better to give a gift than to receive one.  So today, I would like to give you a gift…  It is access to CharliKMatthews.com. I want this this to be your window to me.  As you know I have been writing blogs for several years on EmpoweringPumps.com under Charli’s Blog.  I would like to write to YOU as much as possible, about things that may not always relate directly to the pump industry.  So, I hope this site will give me the freedom I need to connect with you more often and on matters that affect us in both Business and Life! I am fortunate to have had many experiences… some good, some bad, BUT I am very lucky that they have connected me to people from all around the globe. I think we learn by storytelling, so…  My gift to you… is ME… & My Story!

Now, I would like to receive the #GiftOfYou! Please send me a message about YOU!  I would like to know more about your hopes, dreams, goals, and inspirations!! I believe we are all connected for a purpose, and I want to help in #EmpoweringConnections so we can better serve each other.

This was probably my toughest growth year at work. Identifying “who we are” and “what we do” took some soul searching, courage, and a lot of strategic planning… thanks Ian!   Empowering Brands was created with a true group effort that really helped us grow as a team.  Writing everything down also gave others the ability to know my plan (the one I’ve been keeping in my head) so they could help make it a reality!   I would like to challenge you to do this.  Write down your top three goals… it can be related to business or life. If you don’t know, get someone to ask you a lot of questions about your hopes and dreams. Then..write down the answers – because this is what starts to making them become a reality.

The more you share about your goals, the more they become a reality. And remember people like to help others and once a goal is known, it can be realized.

I look forward to learning more about YOU!  Share your story with me at Charli@empowering-brands.com