LADYBOSS… Why The Label?


I’m curious. When you see that word is it a positive or negative?  Is it motivating or demotivating to you? Is it annoying or uplifting?

I was recently listening to Rachel Hollis’s book, “Girl, Stop Apologizing”.  I love Rachel’s energy and agree with most things she says.  She brought up the term Girl Boss and how media has created this cute word that we use to describe women entrepreneurs. She goes on to say how the “Girl” is not needed to describe the job and it reduces the value of the significant BOSS job us ladies are doing!  At first, I totally agreed with her. I thought, “ Yes, we are doing the job that would be described for a man as “boss”.  Shouldn’t we just be Boss for us too?” But, then as I sat and reflected on this statement, I began to feel proud of it.  I am just fine with claiming that I am a Lady,( a work in progress no doubt) … and a Boss.  I think it is great to find common bonds and connections with people who are like you.  I have said many times, “don’t label me” I don’t do well with politics or judgement based on these labels.  But, Lady… now that is a label I wear proudly. And well, “Boss” is just the name I was given to me by my team.

I think it is important to realize we ARE DIFFERENT but EQUALLY VALUABLE! Respecting the differences other “labels” have and realizing we all have ideas and solutions based on our unique experience and talents will help move us forward.

I have recently been studying leadership and paying close attention to my own bias, so I can be a better boss. The more I study, the more I know I have much to learn! Being one of the few women CEOs in my network, I find it motivating to have a focus on building up other women.. And though the men in my life give me a hard time for my “girlpower” energy, I will continue to be proud of it! In order for the numbers of female leaders to increase steadily we have to have more lady bosses there to support them, to make the environment more inviting, so we can help to solve the complex problems our world faces. I will continue to advocate and empower more #ladybosses and push for a #balanceforbetter society.

I am a woman, so I find it easy to talk about that… I am aware that diversity is not just about gender.  If you are focused on changing your “label”, I’m here to help you as well!

In today’s world, we have to think about our personal brand! Whether we convey it through social media or just in our everyday interactions, our personal brand is part of our identity! People are going to “assess” you and put you ‘in a box’ (whether we like it or not, it’s just part of our nature)  If we get to define our identify before others can do that for us, isn’t it something we should do?

I challenge you to create “your words” around your identity!

My word is #LADYBOSS!

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