6 Years a Wonder Woman

June 2nd has had the words “Wonder Woman” filled in on my calendar since the first moment I heard the movie would be available.  There are so many reasons I wanted to see this movie.  For one, I thought she kicked butt in Batman vs Superman, and I couldn’t wait to see what she would do next.  But additionally, I am looking for inspiration.  I am looking for a leader, and yes someone to look up to that reminds me I am on the right track.  As I celebrate my 6 year anniversary being a business owner, I have called on my “inner wonder woman” many times. It was exhilarating to see those traits on the big screen.

As I watched the movie (like all movies), I empathize with characters.  First, Diana’s mom… as a protective mom trying to shield her daughter from the pains of the world. And then her Aunt who mentored her to master the skills she needed to be fulfilled. Then, of course, Diana.  As every girl dreams… I want to have the power to save the world.

While watching the film, the moment she discovers her powers, our movie screened paused with this very powerful frame on screen. It couldn’t have been planned better if it was on purpose!  It was such a powerful scene and this glitch somehow amplified her powers all the way to our seats!   It was great!! It was also great when the film continued to play. 🙂

Diana Wonder Wowan

The next thing I noticed is that Diana had to take hold of her future.  Much like we have to do with our careers. We have to make the difficult decisions and take risks to see our goals realized.  I could really relate to her taking that leap!  You just have to make it happen, even when it seems impossible.  You Must Have Self-Confidence.  The only reason it worked is because she believed in herself; she knew she had the skills, so she was able to trust in her abilities.

This reminds me of the day I decided I would start a company.  I thought about my abilities. I have a business degree, I have built and obtained the right audience, and I could take care of a customer. I could almost see Diana going over this scene in the movie. Yes, Yes, Yes… I CAN…

But, let’s not forget the people that helped her and me get there… too many to count, but all playing a part in helping us get where we needed to be.

This is why it was so important that Diana had a mentor to guide her and make her do the work to be the best version of herself, so she could succeed. Even Wonder Woman needed help, so it’s ok for us to need and accept it as well!!

There were a few things I wanted to accomplish from day one:

  • To have a job (one that I would love)
  • To help the Fluid Sealing Association with their digital presence and expanding their partnerships
  • To Present on Social Media at TPS (Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia)
  • To partner with the Hydraulic Institute

I am most proud and fortunate to have been able to raise money for water charities and supported 32 children in Uganda. I have been able to take my family on work trips, which has just been the best! I have also employed people I love to work with and we together have built a really great brand!

If you didn’t already know, I am on the steering committee for Pump Summit Americas and also continue to help many of our clients and partners with strategic marketing plans.  Going from self to team and from my 1st client to now over 40… it has been a learning experience, a truly fabulous one!

For the last 15 years, I have worked to build my personal brand and thankfully have had access to a network of respectful (and also disrespectful) people to learn from – you’ve really got to take the good with the bad to truly learn.  It wasn’t easy…in fact, it has been extremely hard.  But, today I can truly say that I am satisfied in all my accomplishments, and that is something.

So, what’s next, you knew there was a next right!! With all I have done to craft a process and build a team… Next I would like to focus on developing others.  Maximizer is one of my strengths, and I truly believe I can help others improve by showing them simple tools that have come easy to me, but ones they might not have ever thought of.

My purpose is to help as many people as possible understand their value in our industry; an industry that is so important to living in comfort, and ironically, people just don’t realize it.  I also think our workers don’t realize just how special they are! So we are going to shine the spotlight on their hard work and dedication to our industry!

I also would like to recruit more women into our industry.  I need them as peers and our industry needs their new ideas and holistic problem solving approach!  I also want to keep telling my story so I can help other women identify what is needed to be successful in a predominantly male dominated industry, and know without a doubt – Women in Pumps is achievable and necessary. We just have to be able to find that balance where it all works for good. And sometimes, we have to tell ourselves “If no one else will defend the world, I must” ~ Diana AKA Wonder Woman!

Let’s take a minute to talk about the man in Diana’s life.  He completely shakes up Diana’s world, but he gives her the information she needed to begin her quest, and Diane chose to follow him into an unknown world.  Looking to him to lead her to the very spot where she could make the biggest difference. Demanding it even!  He supported her with resources and connections until it was her time to lead. And then, when it was her time to lead, he didn’t stand in her way.  This did not make him weak, instead partnering with her made him stronger, and they saved the day.  When it seemed impossible to all the men around her, Diana saw the solutions. She could see the big picture: the purpose, the path, the reason. It was not only to accomplish her goals but also for the good of the people. As we seek our own careers, we must look at where our talents lie, and what we can do for the greater good.  This is why I like to be at the table. If I am not there, I can’t see the whole story, and this is where real solutions to problems can be found.  So, I plan to get more women to take a seat at the table!

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have been directing my messaging to women, because I feel that I can be a great deal of help as they maneuver their careers.  I have experienced many things in my 15 years in this industry, and I want to share my experiences so that hopefully someone else can benefit from the lessons I learned from an oh-so-bumpy ride.

I think we can all find a little Wonder Woman inside us!

Reading Patty Jenkins’ (Director of Wonder Woman) story was truly an inspiration.  She followed her dream to produce this EPIC film, and I’m sure soon-to-be-award-winning movie. Patty is a woman, she has a family, and she has a strong husband that admires and respects her.  I just read an article in which Chris Pine describes her husband taking care of the children as she worked tirelessly on the beach scene. How she was one of the best to work with because of her sense of humor.  With a project so big and so dear to everyone’s heart, she worked until it was right, while her husband handled the kids and showed that he was a very proud husband.  Now that women are half the workforce, I see this as a new normal (though every family has their own version of ‘normal’).

It is important to have female peer groups so we can learn from each other the skills on how to be successful in business and life, and just as important, to motivate and support each other – which is something I have mentioned a number of times before in my blog posts.

So last but definitely not least – we should pay attention to Gal Gadot.  She was excellent – beautiful, strong, loving, compassionate, funny – on and off the screen. She must forever be comfortable in her own skin.  She will always be, as Lynda Carter is, Wonder Woman.

Now… who is the next Wonder Woman I will meet? Please tell me your story, so we can learn from each other!