One of the biggest passions in my life is empowering other women and finding a way to do that in this industry that I love – an industry that historically has had very few women in leadership roles.  I have personally witnessed the attrition of exceptional women from the industry and believe they leave before achieving success principally due to the lack of a supportive professional network and mentors.  With the acknowledgement that one in four female engineers leaves the field by age 30 (recently reported by The Society of Women Engineers), I started Empowering Women in Industry as an initiative designed to help women persevere in male-dominated careers.

Empowering Women in Industry, will seek to connect, educate and cultivate female leaders in industry through its website, online community, and events that will empower women to work smart, accomplish goals and “be their best selves.”

The Empowering Women in Industry website will be an online hub where women can share experiences, network with peers and find mentors.  Membership in this new online community is completely free and provides members with monthly updates, stories from leading ladies in industry, opportunities to network and industry news.

The Inaugural Conference & Award Gala for “Empowering Women in Industry” was held September 26, 2019 in Chicago, IL. Check out our videos on YouTube here.

Follow the  Empowering Women in Industry social channels and engage on twitter using @WomenInInd along with the hashtags: #womenempoweringwomen#womeninindustry, and #empoweringwomeninindustry.

Join our Slack community here! Let us know your story and how we can support you.